Acct Name: Afridigit LTD

Acct No.: 1014242413

Acct Name: Afridigit LTD

Acct No.: 0138024632


Unlimited SMS Recipients

Send messages to unlimited number of recipients. We deliver message to 260+ countries. Your only limit is the SMS credit on your account.

Online SMS Phonebook

Upload and save your phone numbers online, so you don't have to keep entering them every time you want to send SMS.

Unlimited Sender ID

Send Customized Bulk SMS with your desired Sender ID. No block Sender ID and there is no restrictions on the number of Sender ID to use.

Schedule SMS

Schedule messages for later delivery. You can set up multiple schedules at a time and let out system do the rest.


Birthday SMS Manager

We provide date SMS Manager. Avoid the hassle of sender Birth Day SMS and holiday SMS everyday to members, customers and friends. Let our system do it for you.

.CSV or .TXT Number Upload

You can upload phone numbers that are in both .CSV or .TXT formats. You can also upload Auto Compose mesage in .CSV format. Visit download to download formats.

Multiple Payment Options

You can now buy SMS online and pay with your debit/credit card or Paypal and get credited instantly. You can also deposit/transfer money to our bank account.

Free SMS Credit on Signup

We know that a free trial of our services will convince to use our platform, that is why we give you free SMS to explore it.