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Customized SMS Birth Day SMS Manager

Customized SMS Birth Day SMS Manager

The Birth Day SMS Manager was created because of the pressing need and difficulties for organizations like Companies, Churches, Mosques, Associations and other organizations to reach their members and staff on their birthdays just because they have large number of people in their database and this database is often documented in hard copies.

* It allows you to create database of your members, staff, customers, clients, friends, etc (Name, Phone Number, Email and Date of Birth).

* You can edit and update this data at any time you wish to.

* It automatically send personalized birthday greetings and wishes(SMS and Emails) to each of your members on their date of birth.

* It automatically adds their first name to the pre-loaded text message to be delivered to each of the members (E.g. Hi Titus, we wish you every good thing of life your heart desires on this special day of yours. Happy Birthday Titus! We love you!)

* The application allow you to change the content of the message box anytime you wish to, may be periodically.

* It permits you to brand or customized SMS to be delivered to people in your database e.g. CUSTOM SMS, TRUST MCPS, RCCG IKEJA, UNILAG-Law etc

This web based application is free. Just sign up to www.customizedsms.net and fund your SMS account with any amount of your choice. Load your contacts and configure your Birth Day Message settings. 

Thats all.


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