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Get the Best Experience with Customized SMS

Get the Best Experience with Customized SMS

We are always working toward giving you the best experience in Bulk SMS Marketing and our newly launched and upgraded SMS portal is here to provide you the best experience you can ever have with  SMS activities.

One of the great features added is the Birth Day SMS & Email Notifications.

We added this features because of the pressing need and difficulties for organizations like Companies, Churches, Mosques, Associations and other organizations to reach their members and staff on their birthdays just because they have large number of people in their database and this database is often documented in hard copies.

 Do you desire to have a secured database where you can document data of all your members, staff, friends and others through an application?

Do you wish to have a personalized and customized application that will automatically send birthday SMS & Email(greeting) to all the people in your database at a specified hour of the day?

We have you covered. Login to www.customizedsms.net and explore this features. The birth Day SMS & Email manager was designed by our team of experts and its tailored to your need.

You don’t need extra cost to get the app. It’s already there in your account.


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