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How Long Have You Been Advertising on Social Networking Website?

How Long Have You Been Advertising on Social Networking Website?

Once more let me ask, How Long Have You Been on Social networking site?

Social network sites are web-based services that allow individuals to create a public profile, create a list of users with whom to share connections, and cross the connections within the system. E.g. Facebook, twitter, Googleplus, LinkedIn etc

Have you tried Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn advertising?

Have made ads as post on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc?

Have you shared ads from your website to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn?

If yes, You have been advertising on social networking site.

The appeal of using  social networking site  as a business tool is undeniable. Millions of people visit the site on a daily basis. They uses complex algorithms that match advertisements to specific users to match their personalities. However, social networking site might not be the perfect home for the needs of all businesses.


1. Low click through and conversion rates. If you've used other marketing tools like Email Marketing, Adwords, you should be looking at a click through rate of around 4% on your ads. The same for a conversion rate. With Facebook, both are far lower, which can be discouraging.

2. Irrelevant ads – some ads that are shown are not targeted at all, and can leave you frustrated with the perceived intrusion.

3.  It's difficult to catch people's attention – People are so busy on Facebook that they often don't pay any attention to the ads. They are far more interested in chatting to their friends.

But if you can get the right mix of demographic and image, then you can really make Facebook advertising work for you.

The world has gone mobile. Then switch to the Trending marketing tool. The BULK TEXT MESSAGING or BULK SMS marketing.

Bulk messaging is a means of sending text messages (SMS from the web to people's cell phones) to more than two persons at the touch of a button. The number of persons that can receive these messages instantly can be up to 100000. Using this tool can save you tons of money. Research shows that people are more likely to see, read and act on messages through their phones than in newspapers, flyers, radio etc. Most of all people get the message and read it, on the go.

Benefits of using SMS for marketing purposes;

For Business Purposes; Retain and get new customers; This is easy. After executing transactions between you and the customer, you can send short messages, informing them about the completion of the transaction. Where the goods / services is set for delivery or had been delivered. You can simply send messages to the clients , safely and intact.

Additionally, where goods / services could not be delivered as scheduled, probably due to bad weather or circumstances beyond your control, a message sent to the customer stating the challenges you have will increase and retain confidence of the customer concerning your services. This shows that you have the interest of the customer at heart. This act retains customers and most of all, those patronizing you for the first time, will always want to come back. Remember the customer is king.

The reason why I open a Guarantee Trust Bank account in 2006, was because of their SMS transaction alerts. That services was not a common practices then.

 Launch Sales Promotion Packages; The sole aim of conducting sales promotions is to increase sales and monitor consumer behavior. During Sales promotion, awareness of the product is enhanced. Sending text messages to prospective consumers is cheap and the possibility of consumers seeing the text and taking action is high.

 It Saves Costs; Sending messages through your GSM phones is more expensive and stressful, especially when sending to many people. With bulk messaging you can save up to 70% by using the service. With bulk messaging, messages can be sent from the Internet to all Networks operating in Nigeria, and wait for this; at up to 70% price lower. Compare with what GSM operators charge. Additionally, these messages can also be sent to networks operating outside Nigeria.

Support Product and Service; Here you simply go a step further by providing tips that could enhance your customer's satisfaction of the product.                                                                    

The Short Messaging Services (SMS) are helpful business tools, especially for those who operate on a low budget or are trying to cut cost. All organizations and persons can tap into the immense advantages that bulk messaging brings; they include,

Churches/Mosques and any Religious institutions; with these tool, they can send text messages to new members and members whose attendance is becoming unstable; also they can send notices of meeting, inspirational messages etc.

Clubs are not also left out; they can send notice of meetings, club dues payment, and internal communication amongst members.

Target Customers; Bulk SMS can help you reach up to 95% of you target customers. How? Supposing your business and services is meant for people in Agege, Lagos State. You can acquire for phone numbers of individual in Agege and periodically send them promotion packages. Since the business is design for them. No doubt, they will contact you.

The list of users is endless and its benefits are massive and what readily comes to my mind whenever I think of bulk SMS is LOW COST of sending text messages and 95% TARGET AUDIENCE. In my opinion, as a person, you either get something for free or at its lowest cost.

How It Works;

1.  Simply prepare the message for the intended persons or receivers

2. Collate their contact telephone numbers and send

3. All undelivered messages will be displayed and this also determines the cost of the messages sent.

Simply plain and cool!

Customized SMS have all you need to enjoy Bulk SMS Marketing



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