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NCC Do Not Disturb (D-N-D) Service

NCC Do Not Disturb (D-N-D) Service

Nigerian Communication Commission mandated the Telecom operators in Nigeria to implement the Do-Not-Disturb (DND). Many of the GSM users do not know that their lines have been activated for D-N-D. Therefore, it  is necessary for you to be aware of your lines D-N-D status.

Users are advised to confirm the status of their lines by sending “STATUS” to 2442. If the service is NOT active, the user can choose to activate the service or not but in case the service is automatically active and the user is not comfortable with it, follow these procedures to unsubscribe. 

Text “ALLOW” to 2442 on MTN Nigeria
Text “START” to 2442 on Etisalat Nigeria
Text “OUT” to 2442 on Airtel Nigeria

Please note that whenever D-N-D is active on a line, the line will not be able to receive any message sent through bulk SMS platfrom. 

Spam Words

Please take some of your time to review spam words by NCC found on the link - http://customizedsms.net/List-of-Spam-and-Block-Words---Customized-SMS-9.html/ and avoid using then in your message.


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