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Promote Your Business In Over 300 Countries Using Bulk SMS

Promote Your Business In Over 300 Countries Using Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS to over 300 Countries

Customized SMS Delivers SMS Instantly

SMS has made it very possible to send direct information to people and  reach them  in no time, it has become very popular as it has been noted as the most effective way of communicating to people for  the purpose of marketing and promoting goods and services. The process of mass SMS is mostly referred to as BULK SMS.

All you need to do is to push your product or services to the target audience.

What can bulk SMS be used for?

Bulk SMS can be used for:

* Political campaign an awareness

* Product launch and awareness

* System automation and securities

* Social networking

* Financial services

* Business marketing and advertisement.


Who Uses Bulk SMS?

Frankly, a more apt question should be, “Who doesn’t use bulk SMS?”

All organisations, including individuals uses bulk SMS for various purposes. From Government agencies and Private organization/enterprises of various sizes, to individuals (like politicians).

Why Use Bulk SMS?

* It is a reusable commodity

* It is a delightful advertisement method for promoting your products.

* It delivers fast and promptly.

*It provides high and direct responses from recipients.

* It permits you to send messages at a click of your mouse to as many people as possible.

* It is the cheapest means of advertising

So why not give it a trial and promote your business in no time and without any regrets.

To start up your bulk SMS campaign, visit Customized SMS

You can reach us on or 08064478774.


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