Acct Name: Afridigit LTD

Acct No.: 1014242413

Acct Name: Afridigit LTD

Acct No.: 0138024632

What Customized SMS Is Offering You.

What Customized SMS Is Offering You.

Customized SMS - the easiest, most efficient and  most reliable Bulk SMS massaging Gateway that delivers Customized and Bulksms to mobile network globally.

Customized SMS gateway is the simplest, fastest and cheapest way to send Customized Bulk text messages to both GSM CDMA cell phones in Nigeria and Globally.

We offer you topnotch SMS marketing Services:

1. We offer very dependable sms service at the cheapest cost without compromising quality.

2. International SMS Coverage. About 280 countries

3. 24/7 Customers support

4. Approximately 100% SMS delivery

5. Birthday SMS Manager

5. Robust user dashboard that suite all your SMS needs.

And a lot more. We know a trial service will convince you. Test our service free of charge. Sign up (http://customizedsms.net/register/) for free customized sms account and get free sms to use our service.


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