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Why Send all Your message using Customized SMS

Why Send all Your message using Customized SMS

Greetings to you, our esteemed user,

It’s of great advantage to send all your bulk SMS via our platform – www.customizedsms.net. Someone will ask, why?

I will itemize the features that make us unique and priceless in the bulk SMS business:

1. No Block or Ban Sender ID: with our platform you can send SMS with any sender ID of your choice. Even though the sender ID contain numeric number and special character This is not possible in other bulk SMS platform. 

2. Birth Day SMS Manager:  We want you to get the best experience from our platform.  Thus we have incorporated this very rare features “Birth Day SMS & Email”. With this your send Birth Day SMS and email to your colleagues, customers, friends, staffs without any stress. Just login to your account and activate setup your SMS and email

3.100% and Instant  SMS delivery:  This is the second features that makes our platform unique. We give you our word on this.  Your SMS unit will never be deducted  when your message has not been sent. More so,  at www.customizedsms.net, it’s impossible to send message to real numbers and It will not be delivered.

4. 24/7 Customer Service:  We experience zero downtime and we are always to there to server you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


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