Acct Name: Afridigit LTD

Acct No.: 1014242413

Acct Name: Afridigit LTD

Acct No.: 0138024632


How do I buy SMS Credit online?

1. Login to your Customized SMS account or Register if your are a New User.

2. Click Buy SMS or Purchase SMS Credit

3. Enter the SMS Credit your want to buy. Minimum of 100 Naira. Click Continue

4. You will be re-directed to VOGUEPay website. Note: is our secure and safe payment processor.

5. Under payment option, Select Mastercard/Verve or Visa. You can also Select VoguePay or eTranzact /PocketMoni. Write down your Transaction ID.

6. Enter your Email address in the field provided for it.

7. Click Make Payment.

8. Select your Card Type, either Verve, Master Card or Freedom

9. ENTER your 16-digit Card Number (this is the number at the front side of your ATM Card above your name)

10. Select your ATM Card Expiry Date: e.g 07 2018

11. ENTER your 4-digit CARD PIN using the on-screen keyboard i.e clicking on the numbers.

12. ENTER your 3-digit Card Verification Value (CVV2) Number (It is behind your ATM Card beside the space for Signature)

13. Click PAY.

14. After payment You will be shown the Status of your Transaction.

15. Click Proceed to Merchant Website and automatically SMS credit will be added to your acount as paid for.


How Do I Pay for SMS Credit?

The Payment options available are listed below

1. Bank Deposit: With this option, make payment directly to our Bank account with your username as depositor. SMS credit is added to your account once payment comfirm.

Bank Details:

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Afridigit LTD

Account Number: 0138024632

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account Name: Afridigit LTD

Account Number: 1014242413

2. Online Payment with ATM CARD: Payment can also be made through our Online Payment processor with your ATM Credit or Debit card and your Bulk SMS account will be automatically credited. For detailed steps on how to pay Online, read our blog post here

3. Internet Banking Transfer: You can also make payment for Bulk SMS units through various Internet Banking Platforms. All you need to do is make a transfer to our Bank Accounts, remember to indicate your username in the remarks section of the transfer. Your Bulk SMS account will be credited as soon as we confirm your payment.

4. ATM Machine transfer: Another means of payment is through ATM Machine Transfer to our Bank Accounts using the Transfer Option on the ATM Machine. This Option will normally not display the Sender's Name or details, so remember to also send us your payment details.

5. Mobile Banking: Mobile Banking is one of the easiest and fastest means of payment. This can be done through any of the Mobile Applications of Banks or other Mobile Money operators like Paga, Pocket Money, etc.